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We shall publish here some of the points of view we receive:

From: Barbara Feather, Anglesey

To:  Sent: Sunday, July 18, 2010.

Dear Visit Wales, as a resident of Ynys Mon since1959 I wish to add my objections to the erection of multiple wind farms across North Wales and particularly the proposal of 1,500 wind turbines off the coast of Anglesey. I am most concerned about the effects on the wild life and the fish and sea creatures.

If these plans go ahead it will change the island dramatically. I believe that many jobs will be lost in the tourist industry which I am told is growing on the island. Apart from the huge cost to our nation I do believe that these turbines only work in certain conditions and they are not super efficient. We are told that these wind farms will bring employment to the island but at what cost? The destruction of this wonderful place and in return we will be called Energy Island to please our friends in the European parliament.

I wish all wind farm protestors the very best from Barbara Feather, Anglesey.

From: Sophia Smith (nr.Aberdyfi,Gwynedd)        

To:  Sent: Thursday, July 8, 2010.

I wondered if you might be interested in this poem I wrote after a beautiful walk overlooking the site of the proposed Nant y Moch wind farm in the Cambrian Mountains. Everything was perfect peace & tranquility, but afterwards (especially after visiting your website), I couldn't help imagining what might happen here if not
enough people hear about it in time.  Click here to download the poem.

From: John Shannon
Sent: Thursday, April 15, 2010 10:59 AM
Subject: Wind farms

For years I drove 800 km  through mountains passes and world heritage forests every day.  I thought the whole world was beautiful. I could see 100km during the day and the southern aurora at night.  I came to Europe, got off a jumbo at Heathrow, and saw all the people crammed in and immediately  thought the planet is buggered.  

I came to Wales and was gobsmacked when I saw my first wind farm. How can people do that to such a lovely place? I think the turbines would look good in Hyde Park, perhaps a couple in Piccadilly, that is after all where the high demand is.  I am so glad my great great grandfather emigrated 150 years ago.

John, from New Zealand

From: Alice Thompson  <>                   To:
Sent: Friday, November 27, 2009 3:32 PM
Subject: Wind Farms
This pointless environmental destruction of natural beauty in Wales is terrible, this fascist left wing tree hugger agenda must be stopped at once!

Alice, Dayton, Ohio


From:Andy <>         
Sent: Monday, September 14, 2009 12:05 PM
Subject: Red kites

Powys has 600 turbines on the way, probably 800 as there are I'm told now in total 40 planning applications for wind farms. To correct your figures: According to Vestas V.80 wind turbine, the blade weight is 6.5 tonnes x 3 per turbine.
I have calculated that the rotor tip speed is around 150mph.

A great website - get it into the news somehow!


From: Steve Barber                                            To:
Sent: Friday, July 24, 2009 12:36 PM
Subject: Wind Farms
These are a stupid idea and will generate little power due to the vagaries of relying on prevailing winds.  It has been proved in the USA that the amount of power produced is not at all cost efective.  Power generated by water would be much more efficient, we have plenty of water in Wales !  Tidal generation around the coast would likely be the best but we could also make use of our rivers that were used in past times to power water mills.

From: Dan       To:

Date: May 16, 2009.                   Subject: Just linked to your website  


Great effort in trying to get the word out on how impactful wind power is. I just wrote a short blog post that I hope will bring more traffic to your website. You can view it here:

  Keep up the great work, Dan

From: Karen Jones      To:

Date: April 29, 2009.                   Subject: Pen Y Cwmoedd wind farm

So, here we are again. The destruction of our beautiful land of Wales .

It happened in the Elan Valley where whole communities were destroyed so that England could have it's water. Whole swathes of the countryside above Sennybridge and on the west coast of Pembroke-shire are used as target practice for the M.o.D., to name but a few, and now the powers that be want to destroy what’s left by erecting these horrendous turbines and all in the name of being green?

I don't think so! It's all about meeting targets and ticking boxes so they can turn around one day and proudly say, "look what we've done." Indeed, destroyed this wonderful land for our future generations and for what? Your excellent website proves that such turbines are not only destructive and unsightly but totally inefficient.

They would deny this, yet there are plans afoot to build a woodchip power station in the already over-industrialised Port Talbot and another huge power station in Pembroke Dock.

I live in Glynneath and am surrounded by heavy industry within a 15 mile radius of my home. Two huge open cast sites, one of which sits on my doorstep, the already mentioned Port Talbot , coal reclamation on a mountain above my home. I could go on. But now these people who decide unthink- ingly what goes where, want to fill this beautiful valley with turbines, including another plan for 25 more of these monsters in Rheola, Resolven. There are also plans in the pipeline for turbines to be sited near Banwen and also between Hirwaun and Aberdare.

I wonder if Rhodri Morgan and his ilk have ever visited a wind farm construction site? The people of Cwmgrach, Glynneath, Resolven, Hirwaun, Glyncorrwg and many other local valley communities will be surounded and hemmed in but it appears that no consideration has been made to these communities and from what I hear, there were many people who didn't receive leaflets from NUON regarding their drop in sessions so couldn't put forward their views.

If our politicians and the likes of NUON are allowed to go on at this current rate, Wales will be one huge wind farm and its beautifully stunning and diverse countryside will be lost for ever.

Interestingly, I visited a website which mapped out current operational wind farms and guess what, there are hardly any around London, south east or south coast. I wonder why? Perhaps I'm being a little cynical. There you are, I'm absolutely horrified about the planned wind farms in this area and any other for that matter, because they cause more harm than good.

I would be more than happy to hear from anyone in my area regarding this proposed wind farm. We need to get together now and oppose the destruction of our land. Wales doesn't belong to the politicians in Westminster or Cardiff, it's ours. Wales belongs to us all.

Regards, Karen Jones


From: Kathryn Stone,
Sent: Wednesday, March 18, 2009 3:18 PM
Subject: Neath Valley Wind Farms
I moved to Cwmgwrach in the Neath Valley about a year ago.
Yesterday a research company employee knocked at my door to ask about my views on a proposed wind farm to be built on hills at the rear of my house.  I'm horrified.  This would destroy this beautiful valley, kill birds, end tourism and destroy the quality of life of village residents. I have discovered that Forestry Commission land in Wales has been turned over to wind farm development and conservation commitments have been overturned. Neath Port Talbot Council has approved the plans, all Labour councillors voted in favour, Plaid Cymru councillors voted against.  Our local MP is Peter Hain (Labour), who has been vocal in the past in his support for wind farms, notably the huge one off the North Wales coast.  As he owns a home in the Neath Valley I assume that he would be in favour of this wind farm as it gives him 'kudos' and he would not wish to be labelled as a 'nimby'. 
I would be grateful if anyone could put me in contact with any other residents of the Neath Valley who have raised their concerns or who have taken some action.
It's the 'Rape of The Fair Country' again.  The Welsh valleys and their inhabitants have always been expendable.
Kathryn Stone 

Email from: Ioan Richard, (City and County Councillor)

Date: 25 February, 2009. To;

Wind Turbines that are proposed to blanket our beautiful Welsh scenery will destroy not only our fauna and flora and blight life for us the people of Wales – these Wind Turbines will utterly destroy the Welsh Tourism business.

In our village we face mega destruction of our Mynydd y Gwair by these lunatic politicians and their TAN8 Planning Policy. We have a Planning Application here for 19 Giant Wind Turbines 400ft tall at Mynydd y Gwair in north Swansea . With 18 kilometres of service roads needing NINETY THOUSAND TONNES of road stone and EIGHT THOUSAND CUBIC METRES OF CONCRETE  for bases and incredibly large construction /delivery traffic. Plus an admission by the Developer that if up and running the Wind Turbines will kill wildlife including our local rare Red Kites etc.. 

(Click here to download the full text of the letter)

Email from: Lyn Jenkins ,


Date: 25 February, 2009.

   As someone who has been fighting wind turbines all over Wales, and the rest of the UK, for about 15 years, I would like to say what a great web-site you have. The people of Wales need to speak up loud and clear, by Press letter and write to their MPs; AMs and County Councillors  and protest most vociferously about this desecration of Wales . Its great natural beauty and the dependent tourist industry are being ruined by these revolving monsters.  Wind energy is going to cost Wales  and its people hundreds of millions of pounds and thousands of lost jobs in its tourist economy. People come to Wales for NATURAL scenery, not to view an industrialized landscape.

  Wind turbines 400 feet high are easily visible from a 30 mile radius. Furthermore, TV reception is being ruined and many people will suffer massive property depreciation and ill-health. Lack of sleep due to turbine noise; inaudible infra-sound and continual light flicker are affecting the health and well-being of people who live within a mile of wind turbines. As the turbines and wind farms get bigger, the problems are greatly exacerbated. There is no escape from noise when turbines are turning, especially downwind at night.

Not only that, always check out Government Met Office wind speeds on .It is February 25th 2009 as I write. The UK is sitting beneath a large High Pressure, or anti-cyclone. So there has been very little wind across the UK , especially Wales , since about my birthday on February 8th. The last 10 days has been especially calm, with wind speeds between zero and 7 knots common-place across Wales . Check the Welsh Met Office stations on the web-site. Wind turbines generate NOTHING below 9 knots, so what is the point of wind farms?  How can back-up fossil fuel power stations EVER be switched off.....LET ALONE CLOSED ... when the wind behaves either like a yo-yo,or  goes AWOL,  for three weeks or a month ??

Common-sense dictates that electricity MUST be available at the flick of a switch - not depending on the vagaries of the fickle wind!  If wind energy is so marvellous, why did steam ships replace sail?  If wind energy will do the job, why are there no sails on the Queen Mary 2 or Japanese oil tankers?? When, on Earth, are our politicians going to understand such simple facts  about the obvious deficiencies of the wind ?


Without ROCS subsidies, which are determined in a very convoluted (some would say devious, highly complicated  manner), there would be NO wind energy! There would be no PROFIT without the subsidies! Wind energy is a highly subsidised, extremely inefficient, totally unreliable, over-rated  energy form !

I have penned this little limerick about ROCS subsidies. I hope you can find room on your wonderful website for it 

What devilish things are these ROCS,
They'll have you wracking your box!!
They involve more spin, 

Than the turbines therein
Who's the Government trying to fox??

Keep fighting this highly damaging, inefficient industry. Yours faithfully, Lyn Jenkins [Mr.] 

Cardigan Island Coastal Farm Park , Gwbert, Cardigan, Wales . SA43 1PR

Email from: Dyn Gwyrdd, 

Date: 25 February, 2009.


Wind Turbines all over our hills and coasts - that's what our mad politicians want from their snug jobs in Cardiff Bay . Rhodri Morgan holidays in the Maldives not Wales . These Wind Turbines will destroy Welsh tourism. People do not generally come to Wales to soak up the sun on a hot beach, they come to Wales to admire our very diverse scenery - so much in such a small country that the Assembly wants to DESTROY WITH WIND TURBINES.



Date: January 24, 2008.

Dear Sirs,

I think that it is disgraceful what is happening to the beautiful Welsh countryside not to mention in Scotland , some areas of England and it would appear all around the world. I cannot understand why this devastation is

I live in South West Scotland and can view these monstrosities they call 'Wind Farms' from just a mile away from my home. It doesn't matter where you travel from here. You cannot miss seeing them and there are more and more being built all the time.

When will this lunacy end? They don't seem to understand the real damage they are doing. The public are being deliberately misled. They think that 'Wind Farms' are good things because they are being presented as 'Green'.

Thank you for helping me to be better informed.

Yours, Marion

From: Emlyn Cox 

Date: 20 December, 2006

Subject: Bird deaths

We have found that the wind farms in the Bay Area of California have been responsible 
for the deaths of many birds. In the Altamount Pass farm in Alameda County the death 
count is so high they are going to adjust the turbines to make then easier for the
birds to see. So in later years you can strike out bird watching as a Welsh event. 
There won't be any to watch.
Emlyn Cox, Walnut Creek, California

From: info@ilexcottage

Date:6 July, 2006

Subject: Tourists lost

To whom it may concern,

I run a small bed and breakfast in Dover, South East Kent and have welcomed 1,000s of continental visitors over the years, many of whom have returned regularly on their way to and from our most scenic landscapes in Wales, the West Country and Scotland. I have noticed a marked down-turn from some of these regulars who tell me that their previously favoured destinations have been spoilt by wind-farms so they are now holidaying in Scandinavia or the Alps instead. It isn't just local tourism that is affected by the turbines, but the whole country which can suffer.
Yours sincerely, Mrs Stobie, Ilex Cottage, Kent

Date: 2 July, 2006

Subject: Wind Farms

It makes me sick. These things are spoiling the landscape. When you allow this you ban the tourist. Keep up the good work and stop this with all your strength.
Kind regards
Tjapko Heijgelaar, Craigieburn Hotel, Dunoon, Scotland

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