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 There are many other groups throughout Wales and the rest of the UK who are trying to protect the countryside from inappropriate wind farm development. Here are the websites for some of these groups.  

Brechfa Forest Energy Action Group

Brechfa Forest Energy Action Group fighting the proposals to install about 70 wind turbines in the Brechfa Forest (Strategic Search Area G of TAN8). 


The Community of Llanfynydd Against Wind-power Station (CLAWS)

This group is monitoring the activity of Gamesa with their expected application for up to 16 wind turbines to be sited around Llanfynydd village and on the hill overlooking Brechfa village. 

For details contact:

Save Our Common Mountain Environment (SOCME)

A website originally set up to protest against a massive wind power station planned for Mynydd y Gwair common. The site now covers all aspects of wind power and has extensive references and press clippings.

Mynydd Llansadwrn Action Group (MLAG)

A community group fighting to protect Mynydd Llansadwrn and the surrounding countryside in Carmarthenshire from the threat of wind turbines.

Cefn Croes Wind Farm

Disturbing photographs of a massive wind farm of 39 turbines recently completed in the Cambrian mountains, East of Aberystwyth.

Cefn Croes photo-gallery

Powys Bridleways

This website has been created to pursue equestrian rights over land in Powys threatened by wind farms.

Country Guardian

A UK conservation group concerned about the environmental and social damage caused by commercial wind turbine installations.

Llandudno Action Group

A community group campaigning against the building of a huge wind-farm of over 230 off-shore turbines in Llandudno bay.


Jenny Keal and David Bellamy 

Two artists who specialize in landscape painting and campaign for the protection of unspoilt landscapes. 

Glyncorrwg Action Group 

A community group campaigning against proposed wind farm developments in Glyncorrwg near Port Talbot.

South Wales Alternative To Turbines (SWATT)

A community group campaigning against proposed turbines in the Gilfach Goch and Blackmill area. The main purpose of this site is to build public awareness of the inefficiencies of onshore wind turbines and to build a knowledge base of information to help argue the case. 


A community group campaigning against a plan by Airtricity to install 106 turbines (140m high) in a hilly area between Aberystwyth and Machynlleth (TAN8 SSA D). Some turbines would be within 1km of homes in the area. 

Windturbine Syndrome

Order your copy of the new book by Dr Pierpont on wind turbine syndrome, referred to earlier as vibro- acoustic disease (VAD). 

European Platform Against Windfarms

A pan-European alliance of protest groups.

National Wind Watch

A very useful source of news and information on wind farms from USA, Canada and Europe. 

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